Deepen Engagement. Increase Loyalty.

Build long-term engagements with configurable decision making technology.

Don’t settle for simply
being a service provider.

Build true loyalty and transform the way your customers see you — as a valuable partner who is invested in their financial future.

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The Power of
Enterprise Loyalty.

Your customers’ loyalty is in high demand, especially in the growing presence of nontraditional banking options. If you want to create sustained, meaningful engagement, you need to move beyond a single card approach to loyalty. You need a partner who can provide strategy, technology and execution of your loyalty solution across multiple products, services and behaviors. You need RAZR.

An Enterprise Loyalty Solution

  • Takes a holistic view of your customer
  • Identify unique personas
  • Develops member journey paths to achieve specific growth goals, including onboarding and continued interactions
  • Provides incentives along the way
  • Every touchpoint becomes a strategic interaction to accomplish the desired growth path.

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Not Just Another Loyalty Program

RAZR is an engagement company. While other loyalty partners struggle to retrofit a single-product or card-based solution, RAZR offers a fully-integrated, configurable enterprise platform.

Backed by industry expertise and strategic resources, our robust solution grows and deepens sustained member engagements across multiple products and services.

In addition to fully integrating engagement and conversion strategies for 100s of clients in the financial industry, RAZR has years of experience with CPG clients, allowing us to migrate innovative solutions across verticals for the benefit of all.

Our Approach

Loyalty doesn’t just happen. We empower you to build it, starting with a complete view of your relationships.



Combine marketing, transactional and behavioral data into a central repository for a clear and complete view of your customers and members.



Leverage our configurable software engine to interact with external systems and make decisions based on ongoing customer behavior.



Develop and orchestrate content across audiences and channels, adjusting as new customer interactions occur.



Incentivize sustainable behavior change enterprise-wide with a fully-integrated relationship rewards platform.

Get Started

You have options. We advocate a crawl-walk-run phased approach to decrease risk and complexity as well as speed time to market.


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It’s time to move beyond a single product approach to loyalty.

Request a 30-minute consult today and see how RAZR can grow, transform and deepen your relationships, enterprise wide.

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