Configurable Solutions

Strategy, technology and execution across multiple products, services and behaviors.

Enterprise Loyalty

While other loyalty partners struggle to retrofit a single-product or card-based solution, RAZR offers a fully-integrated, configurable enterprise loyalty platform.

Customize your loyalty experience with the following programs:

• Credit Card Rewards
• Debit Card Rewards
• Enterprise Rewards
• Relationship building

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Animation of gift with activity - icons illustrating different rewards with different activities

Gift with Activity

Reward your customers and members with a one-time gift after they complete a specific activity. This solution requires no technology integration and be set up in less than 2 weeks.

The Gift with Activity solution can be applied in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

  • Account Opening (checking, savings)
  • Loans (mortgage, HELOC, auto)
  • Refer-a-Friend (friend and referee)
  • Financial Literacy (students and/or low-income complete webinar series)
  • FI Merger or Acquisition (1st new product opened from existing base)

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Implement a crawl, walk and run strategy for enterprise loyalty.

Throughout the entire development process, we’ll host several strategy sessions to ensure a positive ROI for your customized program. Strategy sessions will focus on helping you:

Identify the program’s options, costs and priorities to meet your strategic needs.

Develop a business case based on strategic and ROI goals.

Construct a phased implementation plan and rollout timeline.

Establish what and how much to reward.

Identify opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell and activity-based campaigns.

Uncover data accessibility needs for program deployment.

Understand how to gain executive alignment in walk + run phases.

It’s time to move beyond a single product approach to loyalty.

Request a 30 minute consult today and see how RAZR can grow, transform and deepen your relationships, enterprise wide.


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